Frequently Asked Questions

Who is IBN Direct?
How long have you been in business?
What kind of experience do your staff have?
What loan amounts do you arrange funding for?
How long are the loans for?
What is the benefit to me to use IBN Direct?
Where is IBN located?
Can IBN gain finance in all states?
Do IBN do home loans?
Do IBN do rural lending?
How do I apply for a loan through IBN?
Will IBN look at deals with credit impairment such as defaults, tax debt, previous bankruptcies etc.?
Will IBN look at development deals with no presales?


Can I apply online?
Who assesses my loan?
What is the process?
What are the likely rates?
Why is rate so high?
Can you get a cheaper rate?
Who is the Lender?
Who are the Private Lenders you use?
What do the private lending companies look like?
Do you also use mainstream lenders?
Have you got a lender lined up?
Can we use an existing valuation?
What are the fees payable?
Do you charge an upfront consultancy fee?
When is the Brokerage fee payable?
How long before you issue an engagement letter?
How long does the loan approval take?
How long to settlement?
When can I have the funds?
Are there early repayment fees on the loan?

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