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The team at IBN regularly assists direct clients with individual financial needs through their solution based funding.

  • Have you started your development with your own funds, fully expecting your existing funder to the party with any shortfall of funds required, but your existing funder has refused as pre-sales were not available and most recent financials had not been completed?
  • Are you a first time developer with no pre-sales?
  • Or a business owner with a commercial loan with mainstream funder and need cash out urgently to fund payments to outstanding creditors?

Read below for actual scenarios and our funding solutions:


Client had started a 36-unit development using their own funds, fully expecting their existing funder to come to the party with any shortfall of funds required. However, the existing funder was refused as pre-sales were not available and their most recent financials had not been completed. Client also owned a fully completed and leased residential development in the inner city.


  • $6,000,000 loan sourced:
  • Low 6% rate for completed development.
  • 65% LVR (Loan to Value Ratio).
  • Rental income as servicing.
  • Full refinance plus considerable amount of working capital.
  • $7,900,000 construction loan sourced:
  • For completion of 36 unit development.
  • 11.25% pa.
  • 69% LVR (Loan to Value Ratio), based on GRV (Gross Realisation Value).
  • Pre-sales & financials not required for servicing.


A first time developer purchased 10 units. Pre sales not available and financials were not up to date. Lack of experience also hindered application.


  • Construction funding sourced for $2,700,000 at 11.25% pa, 70% LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) based on GRV (Gross Realisation Value)
  • Very happy and relaxed client has commenced construction without the need for employing marketing agents and such.
  • Tax returns were not required for servicing.
  • Pre-sales not required.


Clients had commercial loan with mainstream funder and needed cash out urgently to fund payments to outstanding creditors.


  • $530,000 funded at 4% per month for 2 months
  • Settlement occurred within 3 days of receiving application
  • Client then exited back to mainstream funder once affairs were in order

We are keen to hear your scenario and help you tackle the problem.

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“Our team here have had the pleasure of working with Scott and Fiona Roberts along with their team at IBN for the past couple of years. We have found everyone involved with IBN to be very efficient, organised and professional with all the dealings that we have had with them. Nothing is too much trouble for the team at IBN and the services that they offer to both the client and the funder are second to none. We look forward relationship with the IBN team well into the future.”

- Funder

“IBN always go that one step further to achieve an outcome. If at all possible, they achieve results for their clients. Communication channels are an extremely important part of this business, and IBN have an excellent system. Dealing with IBN is professional, at the same time keeping the personal touch as its focus.”

- Private Funder

"Operating as a Financial Counsellor I encounter many difficult financial situations. Recently I had a client with a complex arrangement that none of the major Banks were willing to help with. I had IBN’s number sitting in my draw for a few months and thought I would see if they could help me find a solution for my client. It took a little while to find the right answer to a complex problem that would work for my client and I, but the staff at IBN were fantastic and never gave up on finding me a suitable Lender within the timeframe I had. When the settlement was completed and we could breathe again my client and I were ever so thankful for the support and professionalism IBN gave us.  IBN provides a fantastic service and I would recommend them to anyone."

Rod Garland ~ Financial Counsellor