Short Term Business Loans

Short term loans for your business

Frustrated with your funding circumstances?

Do they look a bit like this…?

Need money now but don’t have it. Will have money in couple of months but by then it’ll be too late. You could borrow, but the bank doesn’t like that you have asked for a short term property loan or a short term business loan and a quick turnaround. Every second you spend trying to deal with this is another second your business is wasting time and resources. Let’s just get it done already… are we right?


We’re here to tell you that this situation doesn’t have to linger any longer. Within 48 hours, IBN Direct can organise funding for a short term property loan or a short term business loan, even with ATO or credit issues.

We’re here to tell you that this situation doesn’t have to linger any longer. Within 48 hours, IBN Direct can organise funding, even with ATO issues.

If the banks aren’t revelling in your entrepreneurial spirit, don’t let them rain on your parade. Let us help!

We’re inspired, we’re driven and we have a solution to every funding need. Learn more about IBN Direct.

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We are the experts in delivering unique funding solutions to ‘unconventional’ loan applications. Whatever you’ve got going on, whether you require a short term property loan for a development project, or require a business loan to grow your business, we’re confident we can find a solution that sees you taking your business to the next level.  Plus, we won’t make you jump through hoops. We get it and we get on with it.

See how we’ve helped others with alternative short-term funding solutions.

Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams; let us find the solution to fund your project so you can make your mark!


Make the next move:

No financials required
Up to 70% LVR, first or second mortgages available
Real estate security required
All security types considered
Business purposes only
Exit strategy required

Get a short term business loan through IBN Direct for your business

With IBN, you can get a short term business loan to better manage your cash flow, grow your business or simply meet settlement timeframes. Whether you have poor credit or not, if you have real estate as security, we provide financial solutions with short term property loans and short term business loans available up to twelve months.

Don’t stress about your finances any longer. Call us now and our team can quickly assess your situation and let you know our available solutions for your short-term business funding needs. Contact us today.

Short Term Property Loans

IBN Direct offers short term property loans to borrowers with real estate security. We can offer lending facilities in as short a timeframe as 48 hours. Short term property loans are secured against real property assets and are ideal where a quick turnaround is required. Where you have a short settlement timeframe, a special short term offer from a supplier or the opportunity to purchase your new property before your existing property has settled, a short term property loan will fit the bill.

The team at IBN Direct have the skills and experience to quickly assess your proposal to determine whether a short term property loan will meet your needs. A valuation may not be required and we can assist you with structuring your proposal in the most appropriate manner to secure an approval.


Small to large businesses can access short term property loans from $300,000 to $10 million with higher amounts to $300 million on application.


Generally, your short term property loan will have a term of up to 12 months. If required, we can assist you in securing longer term finance once your initial need has been met.

Why Choose IBN?

At IBN, we work closely with our panel of Funders, to move quickly on your loan application. We understand that ‘time is money’ and we make the loan process as seamless as possible. Our experienced staff assist you every step of the way with frequent communication on the loan progress.

We present options that others didn’t know existed

We search for solutions and enjoy the challenge of complex loans

We understand the complexities and requirements for a commercial loan application.

We explain our cost-structure from the outset so that you know what to expect.

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