Our Process

We believe in collaboration and communication and find that the best way to achieve success in partnerships is with a clear process mapped out from start to finish. With our clear direction in place, we work quickly and effectively to deliver outstanding results for you and the client.


  1. Submit new enquiry on IBN Direct “New Enquiry Form” or Submit Online
  2. Receive confirmation that IBN can assist
  3. Referrer Accreditation must be in place before file can proceed
  4. IBN Direct source potential Funders.
  5. Engagement Letter & Mandate issued complete with terms
  6. Completed items to be returned:
    • Executed Engagement Letter & Mandate;
    • Fully completed IBN Direct Application form, together with supporting documentation.
  7. IBN Direct formally submit complete application to relevant Funder
  8. Conditional approval received from Funder
    • IBN Fees payable prior to release of this offer
    • Funders’ conditional offer supplied
    • Funders’ offer accepted and conditions satisfied
  9. Formal approval issued
  10. Settlement