What We Offer

Have you got a cracker of a deal on the cards but you just can’t seem to place it within your own panel … you don’t want to let this opportunity pass you by but you’ve run out of options?


We are a broker’s best friend when it comes to finding the right solution for the out-of-the-box funding requests… give us a call, it might be the most profitable call you ever make!


We can work with you to help your client receive the funding they need to reach their goals, while allowing you to maintain your client relationship and benefit from the closing of the deal.


Having worked in the broker space we understand that you want a timely turnaround, open communication and transparent processes, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from the experienced and dedicated IBN Direct team.


To get started, complete our Broker Enquiry form and we will contact you for the next steps. View our complete process here.

“We closed a cracker of a loan for $20 million. It was to fund the development of 75 houses in Sydney. They had been trying to get finance for almost three years and had even hired a finance manager who tried to raise money through mum and dad investors. They came to us and within four days we had approval for them. They had no pre sales and they didn’t want to give financials. They had been with a major bank for 10 years who wouldn’t do the loan without financials. There are always options.”

– Scott Roberts, Director of IBN Direct