Interest Rate Guide

At IBN Direct, we think outside the square to place your loan that may have been previously declined by a bank.

Here is an indicative guide of what to expect:

  • Bank Loans  5-7% per annum

With the lowest interest rates, a traditional bank loan is a great place to start. However, many ‘outside of the square’ loans will not be able to meet the requirements for the lower risk rate.

  • Second Tier Lenders  7-10% per annum

Secondary to the major banks, many of the established second-tier lenders will still be looking for minimal risk, but will consider reasonable credit as opposed to excellent credit. Flexibility is the key, with terms generally ranging from 1 to 5 years, allowing you to establish your credit and eventually move onto a mainstream lender and lower interest rates.

  • Private Funders  10-14% per annum

If you are banging your head against a brick wall with conventional lenders, then an alternative way to get into the market is with a Private Funder. The rates reflect the risk, as Private Funders are willing to overlook some issues the banks or second-tier lenders will not even consider.

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